The Ombudsman for the Rights of Girls, Boys and Adolescents of the Province of Córdoba launched the campaign “There is another way”, which aims to put into debate the violent forms of parenting that continue to this day.

The campaign takes place within the framework of the International Day for the Fight against Child Abuse, which is commemorated on April 25. #There’s Another Way seeks to raise awareness about how the adoption of certain common behaviors by adults can
negatively affect girls and boys.

“Phrases that are part of our day-to-day life and that we want to leave behind, such as “I was raised that way and it wasn’t so bad” or “a whistle on time and the problem is over”, are those expressions that the campaign seeks tear down. All these statements justify, in a certain way, unhealthy, obsolete parenting behaviors and always from an adult-centric perspective. They are forms of physical, verbal and emotional abuse that do not respect the rights of children and adolescents, “they graph.

The DDNA press release states that “The proposal of #HayOtraForma is to change perspective and reflect on what is established to achieve healthier ties. That is why we invite you to participate, on the day Wednesday, April 27 from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m.. in the traditional Plaza San Martín in the city of Córdoba, of a public activity in which we can all unite to demolish myths and customs”. Passers-by will be able to interact with the DDNA agents and learn along the way.

“Violence is learned and reproduced, and children and adolescents adopt and naturalize this mode of interrelation. Therefore, we propose to implement a change in behavior on a day-to-day basis to achieve upbringing without violence,” the agency reflects.

How? Here are some examples.

• Promoting behaviors of affection through listening and respect.

• Promoting an environment of communication between caregivers and children.

• Allowing freedom of emotional and artistic expression, among others.

To learn more about the #HayOtraForma campaign and our proposal, you can go to Violent behavior should not be perpetuated, always #HayOtraForma.