The Provincial Suicide Prevention Program created the Safe Zone device: support service in grief due to suicide, a space that seeks to help relatives and people close to those who lost their lives by suicide to move through mourning.

The device proposes nine meetings, one per week, on Wednesdays at 6:00 p.m., at the San Roque Viejo Hospital; These are meetings with a group modality, coordinated by mental health professionals, members of the aforementioned Program, dependent on the Ministry of Mental Health.

In this regard, Misael Moreno Frías, a member of the Program, indicated: “The purpose of the device is to create a space for accompaniment and support for those who are grieving for a family member or close friend who died by suicide.”

The specialist added that “there is no limit to how long it must have been since the event, it may have been years ago or it may be something recent.”

How to take part

People interested in participating in the group can register in the following form:; and a psychology professional from the team will contact you. Also, you can make inquiries to the mail of the Program: [email protected]

More info, here.