In an operation carried out by personnel from the Civil Brigades Coordination Directorate, a search was carried out at a home in the José Ignacio Díaz Tercera Sección neighborhood, in relation to the theft of a Golden Retriever dog that occurred days ago in the city. The procedure culminated in the kidnapping of the animal and the intervention of the District IV Prosecutor’s Office, in charge of Dr. Horacio Vázquez.

Inspector Cristian Cabrera, from the Civil Brigades Coordination Directorate, confirmed that the operation was carried out in a house located on an unnumbered public street. Thanks to the use of security cameras, it was possible to determine the address where the dog was located. With a court order for “kidnapping and identification”, the search was carried out, finding the house uninhabited.

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The story began when the mascot, named “Moana”, disappeared last Friday from a residence in the country “Valle Escondido”. The alleged thieves had extorted the owners, demanding a sum of 200,000 pesos to return the animal. Despite attempts at negotiation, no agreement was reached.