The director of the Indec, Marco Lavagna, announced that the digital census will be rehabilitated for those people who were not registered. According to what was specified by the agency, the site is already enabled again until May 24 inclusive. He also explained that there will be “recovery” operations in areas that the pollsters did not reach.

“The digital census is enabled for a week precisely so that in that recovery time, if someone was left unregistered, they can be registered. The objective is to be able to account for everyone and all households,” said the head of Indec at a conference of press after finishing the operation this Wednesday.

To answer the questions of the digital census, you must enter the official website and choose the desired option. The first step involves completing a series of minimum data, with which the identity of the person who is doing the procedure is validated. If there are doubts about the procedure, you can also make inquiries to the line 0800-345-2022 during the 24 hours

Source: National Institute of Statistics and Censuses (INDEC)