On May 17, the date that marks the anniversary of the Circunvalación tragedy, the hearings begin with Alan Amoedo as the only defendant, but not arrested.

The 9th Crime Chamber rejected Dr. Benjamin Sonzini Astudillo, Amoedo’s lawyer, the request for probation or suspension of the trial trial.

The novelty was confirmed by the plaintiff’s lawyer, Dr. Claudio Orosz, in a mobile phone from radio Universidad, and he pointed out that the evidence has been incorporated so that the judicial process begins on the stipulated date.

The tragedy claimed the lives of Sol Viñolo, Agustín Burgos and left Fernanda Guardia as the only survivor, and with multiple injuries.

Alan Amoedo was driving drunk at high speed, on the shoulder, hitting the parked vehicle and the young people. He is charged with aggravated manslaughter but is free.