East Friday the trial against Lucas Bustos was resumed, the only accused for the femicide of Cecilia Basaldía. On this same day, the Court of Cruz del Eje decided to release the only defendant, who was considered a scapegoat by the family of the victim and the lawsuit.

Bustos’ defense had requested the cessation of preventive detention, arguing that there was not enough evidence against him to keep him deprived of his liberty. “I thank all the people who supported us. Today they had a little justice and consideration and they gave him freedom because God is fair, God likes true justice,” Lucas’s mother, Susana Villareal, told CDM Noticias.

The trial will continue on July 1 from 9 in the morning, after the new evidence presented is analyzed. “Today we were able to know the results of the analyzes that were done. All the blood results show that the sample is not used to check the sample. The hair samples have not yet been analyzed because they take longer. That is why today’s result was partial , to tell us that nothing is useful,” Giselle Videla, a lawyer, told Cba24N.