A Coniferal line 60 driver collided last Friday with a motorcyclist on Av. Don Bosco y Falucho, in the Las Palmas neighborhood. The driver was arrested and charged with negligent injuries and also investigated by prosecutor Pablo Klinger. However, this Monday he regained his freedom.

The motorcycle driver suffered severe head trauma and an exposed ankle fracture and is still admitted to the Emergency Hospital in the city of Córdoba. This is the same bus driver who, in May, rammed a police station on the 24 de Septiembre bridge.

On this episode, after the corresponding skills, it was determined that he was not driving drunk or under the influence of any substance, so the investigation pointed to some mechanical failure in the group or some distraction on the part of the driver. In that sense, his cell phone was seized to determine if he was using it while driving.

Photo: Accident on Av. Don Bosco. Photo: Roberto “Cany” Figueroa / SRT Multimedia

Source: CBa24n