The Ministry of Commerce renewed the Care Prices program until January 7, 2023, with a basket that includes more than 450 products from leading brands in the market, as reported officially this Friday.

In this new stage, Care Prices will have a basket that is more representative of the consumption of Argentine men and women that includes “more than 450 products from leading brands in the market,” the Ministry of Commerce reported in a statement.

“With shelf prices and reference brands, consumers will have more information, order and predictability when making their purchases,” said the Secretary in charge of Matías Tombolini.

On the other hand, it was also reported that the Care Cuts program was renewed until November 7, a price agreement established with refrigerators and supermarkets for the marketing of the seven most representative cuts of meat consumed by Argentines, at prices considerably lower than those observed in the market.

The values ​​of the cuts per kilo will be: strip of roast, $765; empty, $999; kill, $969; skirt, $499; roast lid, $765; buttock, $1,049; and palette, $849. For Patagonia (boneless cuts) a differential of 6% is added.