A few hours ago, the legislators of Hacemos por Córdoba presented a note to Lieutenant Governor Manuel Calvo, in which they request the suspension of Patricio Serrano until his judicial situation is resolved. The man had been denounced by his ex-wife after having exercised family violence.

In addition, last Friday, the president of the pro-government bloc, Leonardo Limia, had sent Calvo a bloc resolution so that legislator Serrano would be removed from the Hacemos por Córdoba bench, after announcing his candidacy for mayor for Together for Change in the town of Lozada.

On the other hand, the block of the Radical Civic Union (UCR) will request the removal of the legislator until the Justice issues an order on his procedural situation.

“We believe that it is a moment where to strengthen the credibility of the citizenry before the political class and the institutions, it is essential to maintain the exemplary nature, which includes strict compliance with the rules,” said the Juntos UCR bloc.

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