Wind, snow and fog are the three climatic factors that complicated the search for a lost couple on Mount Champaquí, which was seen by rescuers mid-morning this Tuesday, preparing for the descent operation.

The walkers lost their way near the top of the highest mountain range in Córdoba. Together with another couple they had reached the summit on Sunday from the Los Linderos path, but for unknown reasons they were lost and remained unaccounted for until this Tuesday at 9:30, when they were seen.

Their state of health is unknown: they spent many hours outdoors and in adverse weather conditions, although there is an emergency shelter on top of the hill, which is unknown if it was used.

Three firefighters, members of the Etac and the Duar, participated in the search operation, who focused their efforts on the area known as “Cueva de los 40”, near the top. The visualization of the lost ones took place in that sector, informed sources of the investigation.

Source: With information from La Voz