A few days before the start of the World Cup in Qatar, an Argentine family announced the final amount of what they saved for two years in coins to be able to travel. The coins were put together in a plastic drum that had the legend “Qatar 2022” written on it, which they opened with a knife while a family member recorded everything with his camera. The video was then uploaded to social media and went viral.

“The day has come to count the money,” they wrote about the clip. In it you can see a young man shaking the container on a bed. “Two years saving and today I knew how much I had collected,” they say in the record. The excitement begins when the boy took a knife and cut the container, spilling an abysmal amount of coins on the bed: “It has been said to count”, he said.

Then, the young man begins to stack the coins in mounds of $5 and $10 with the help of his entire family, which they then separate into bags of $1,000. But the account did not give the expected. The final tally was $17,900 in $10 coins and $14,320 in $5 coins, resulting in a total of $32,220.

Among the hundreds of comments that the post received, some users made fun of how little it brought together: “It helps you pay for cable and electricity… you will be able to watch the World Cup with air conditioning without thinking about the electricity bill”; “Two years saving for $1600$”; “And with that you pay for water on the plane or what’s up”; «Hahaha, good that saved! Good luck in the World Cup”; “With that you buy a TV to watch it”; “Very good for the intention, but not even for plane tickets,” they commented.

However, other users congratulated him and gave him encouragement: “How great! It doesn’t matter how much it is, the important thing is that it is for your goal, good luck there”; “Hopefully you have triple of that saved aside so you can leave, success!”; “It doesn’t matter if it’s a little or a lot, the good thing is that together for a dream and that gives it more value, hugs friend from Córdoba,” they wrote to him.