A particular event occurred in the city of Veracruz (Mexico), when the seller of a hot dog stand fell asleep in the middle of the workday. A group of friends approached because they wanted to eat some “jochos”, as they call that dish in that country, and when they saw that the merchant was in the fifth dream, they began to serve him.

The story went viral on the Tik Tok social network by the user @angel_vies. “The man with the jochos cart fell asleep but my gastro friend saved the day by making them,” the video says.

Some users responded by asking if they were leaving the store owner the proceeds for what was sold, which was answered in a second video by the same user saying yes. Finally, the original seller is seen taking up his work and receiving a lot of love from both the young people in the video and from Internet users, who celebrated the gesture of friends who let the man rest. They even showed the location of the stall to advertise it and attract more customers.

Among the comments you can read “I can only think of how many hours the man works to fall asleep”, “Poor man was already very tired”, “These gestures are worth gold”, “The boss gets paid” and “Very good guys, God bless them”.

In a few hours the video accumulated almost a million views: