The Investigation Prosecutor of District Two Turn Five, (Feria) requests collaboration to find the whereabouts of Priscila Aldana González, 18, residing in the Jardín del Pilar neighborhood of Córdoba. The young woman is 1.51 meters tall, has a robust physical build, fair complexion, straight dyed black hair, shoulder length with straight bangs, with a piercing in the lower left part of her mouth, a tattoo on her arm left lion type at shoulder height in black.

She was last seen at her home on Friday, January 13. At the time of leaving her home, she was wearing a long light blue jean torn at the knees, blue elasticated sneakers with white soles.

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It is requested that those people who can provide information do so through the telephone numbers 911 (Police Operator), 351-4334289 (Judicial Unit 7), 351-4679308 (Commissioner 12) or with the District Two Investigation Prosecutor Turn FIVE, Fruitful Rivera 720 of Barrio Observatorio.