After the landing of a plane of Venezuelan origin with a crew from that country and Iran, many hypotheses have been developed and there are more doubts than certainties about its passage through Argentina. It is the Boeing 747-300M of the Venezuelan company Emtrasur that transported 14 crew members from the Latin American country and another five of Iranian origin that arrived in Argentina this weekend and was stranded due to lack of fuel.

Federal judge Federico Villena ordered today that Mohammad Khosraviaragh be prevented from leaving the country; Gholamreza Ghasemi; Mahdi Mouseli; Saeid Vali Zadeh and Abdolbaset Mohammadi, the five Iranian passengers whose passports were also withheld by the Justice. In addition, the lawyer requested a report on the aircraft.

Hours before, the DAIA (Delegation of Argentine Israelite Associations) appeared as a plaintiff in the case. It is up to the prosecutor Cecilia Incardona to decide whether or not she opens an investigation as requested.

Around noon it was Aníbal Fernández, Minister of Security of the Nation, who spoke about it and confirmed the link of at least one crew member with a group considered terrorist by the United States. Specifically, the Iranian Revolutionary Guards and the Quds Forces. The named crew member is Gholamreza Ghasemi.

It should be remembered that this plane arrived in Argentina on June 6 from Mexico and landed in Córdoba. Later they went to Buenos Aires. On June 8 they tried to fly to Uruguay but were denied landing, after which they returned to Ezeiza. The lack of fuel is also a problem, since different oil companies refused to sell to them.