Within the framework of an investigation for drug dealing in the east of the province of Córdoba, personnel from the Anti-Drug Trafficking Police Force disrupted a drug sales point, three adults were arrested there, and marijuana was seized,

These are three subjects of 28, 31 and 34 years of age (two are brothers), who were in charge of the commercialization of narcotics in a hairdresser in Arroyito.

The procedure was carried out in the premises and in another property in the La Villa neighborhood of the city located in the San Justo department. There, members of the FPA seized several doses of marijuana, money, two firearms, cartridges and a motorcycle, among other presumably evidentiary elements.

After the kidnappings, authorities from the Mobile Prosecutor’s Office for the Fight against Drug Trafficking in San Francisco ordered the transfer of the detainees to court for alleged violation of the National Narcotics Law.