This Wednesday should be the resumption of the trial that is being carried out for the murder of the adolescent Valentino Blas Correas, however, around noon the decision was made to suspend the session.

This is due to the fact that four of the popular jurors excused themselves for various reasons (three for health reasons and the last one for work), so there was not the necessary amount to return to the trial that indicates thirteen policemen for the death of the young man and other officials for covering up the crime.

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Now, the Court must resolve the absence of those four jurors with replacements and reactivate the process in principle, this Friday, February 10. It should be remembered that the trial will resume after an intermediate period established on December 26 of last year. It started on September 7th. It already has 28 hearings, there are another 13 days of debate remaining and it is estimated that the sentence be known towards the end of March or the beginning of April.

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