The Municipality promotes a free training on sign language. People who are interested in doing this training can register online.

The proposal seeks to introduce words and phrases that facilitate communication and interaction with those who have hearing disabilities. In addition to the possibility of introducing the student to the basics of Sign Language.

Registration – free and free – is aimed at the general public and, mainly, at public administration personnel who work in neighborhood care tasks. The course will be under the virtual and asynchronous modality, with the possibility for each student to self-manage her classes.

How to sign up

Those interested should sign up through a user in Vecino Digital (VeDi) by entering the page of the Municipality of Córdoba. Then, they must click on “Services” and select INFOSSEP, where they will find all the temporary educational offer, and they will be able to select the required course.

The academic instances will be developed within the INFOSSEP Virtual Platform. Once the participant accesses the platform, she will have all the tools enabled to develop the course. The study material will be available digitally in the virtual classroom.