An American couple, Mo and Lee Thompson, found the perfect method to pick up their clients’ dogs to walk them in the middle of inclement weather: they have more than twelve dogs and they look for each one in groups.

The Thompsons live in Skagway, Alaska, where snow and freezing temperatures make some tasks difficult. But nothing is impossible for them, since every agreed day they pick up the dogs on the bus, who already know the routine. They wait on the sidewalk, get on as soon as the bus doors open and obediently sit in their assigned place. There, the keepers adjust their leashes and continue on their way until they collect everyone.

But the adventure does not end there! Mo explains, “We specialize in off-leash group socialization. We do manners, puppy socialization, we take them for walks.” For this reason, once they arrive at the destination area, they take all the dogs down and let them run, play, walk, walk, eat, and whatever they feel like doing.

They can walk between 20 and 40 dogs per day, but assigned in groups of 12, to avoid lack of control. Every day they post their adventures on TikTok and instagramwhere they have become famous and accumulate thousands of likes, reproductions and followers.