There is barely a month left until Christmas Eve and that is why supermarkets and businesses begin to offer their Christmas products in the different gondolas. However, despite the fact that this year they estimate that a greater assortment is observed, the increases are around between 90 and 100% compared to the previous year.

According to the Chamber of Supermarkets and Self-Services of Córdoba (Casac), the sharp rise in prices is in line with the general inflation rate. Sweet bread is located as the most demanded product in these times and is sold at a value between 350 and 700 pesos.

Among the typical party snacks, peanut nougats cost between 90 and 170 pesos. On the other hand, cider is priced at around 500 pesos in Cordovan supermarkets.

Finally, Christmas boxes vary depending on their quality and the products. The Premium version costs around $4,000 but the cheapest ones are around $1,500.