The Grocers Center warned that in April 100,008 pesos were needed to access the total basic food basket and not fall below the poverty line. According to the survey of that entity, the cost of living rose 5.74% in the last month. Faced with these alarming numbers, director Germán Romero warned that due to inflation, people tend to cut out one of the four daily meals to make ends meet.

In this way, “the food security of the people of Cordoba is put at risk.” Some of the foods that have increased the most in April were:

-Alcoholic beverages and tobacco: 8.12%
-Goods and services: 7.12%
-Clothing and footwear: 6.80%
-Food and non-alcoholic beverages: 6.68%
-Home equipment and maintenance: 5.70%
-Leisure and culture: 4.70%%
-Housing, water, electricity and others: 4.38%
-Communications: 3.50%