At the request of Chamber prosecutor Julio Rivero, this Wednesday morning an eye inspection was carried out in the house where Nora Dalmasso was murdered in 2006. The prosecutor himself, the jurors, the defense and the accused Marcelo Macarrón, who asked that they not take Photographs of the court proceeding.

They will carry out the visual inspection in the house of Nora Dalmasso • Channel C
Visual inspection at Villa Golf / Photo: Eugenio Agostini

A source linked to the process explained that the reconstruction of the event will not be carried out, but that what is intended is to know the scene of the crime in order to assess the evidence, particularly those referring to the spaces of the house and the room on the ground floor. high where the body of the 51-year-old victim was found. Witness Carina del Valle Flores, who worked as a domestic worker in the couple’s home, is present during the visual inspection.

What about Marcelo Macarrón?

Macarrón, a trauma doctor, is charged as the alleged instigator of the crime of “homicide qualified by the link, by treachery and by price or remuneration promise in an ideal contest”, a legal classification that contemplates life imprisonment.

The prosecutor’s accusation concludes that on a date that cannot be established exactly, presumably a few months before November 25, 2006, Macarrón “in a criminal agreement with people not yet identified by the investigation, instigated the crime of his wife due to marital disagreements “.

While the defendant was in the city of Punta del Este participating in a golf tournament, between 8:00 pm on November 24, 2006 and 3:15 am on the 25th, at least one person entered Nora’s house, in the Villa Golf neighborhood of the city of Río Cuarto, describes the accusation.