Students who attend the Comedor Rinconcito de Osana will give a concert at the CPC Pueyrredón to raise funds and food for the picnic area they attend. The event will take place today at 7:00 p.m. in the CPC amphitheater.

The concert is possible thanks to the teachers of the Benjaminos Civil Association, who have been in charge of teaching the children how to play percussion and air instruments.

In dialogue with Pato a la Mañana, Elsa Cortez, one of the workers at the picnic area, spoke and referred to the current situation in the dining room. “The situation is difficult, we have had to take out the food because it is not enough, we are only giving snacks from Monday to Friday.”

Those who wish to help the dining room can contact the following phone: 351-8579214

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