Starting today, May 13, and every Friday from 9 a.m., meditation days will be held whose meeting point will be at the Crisol Island Bridge in Sarmiento Park. The meeting will last approximately one hour, with these classes it is sought that people can contact themselves and the planet in a conscious way, carry out a work of self-knowledge and become a connection space for greater environmental awareness.

The activity will begin with a mindful walk and then practice different meditation and mindfulness techniques. Later there will be a moment of relaxation to begin to listen to the sounds and movements that exist in nature, perceive the different sensations, and close with a reflection.

The meditations are open and free, and with limited space, so in order to participate in any of the two points it is necessary to register in advance at this link.

The benefits of meditation can include:

-A new perspective on stressful situations.

-Ways to deal with your stress.

-Increased self-awareness.

-Focus on the present.

-Reduce negative emotions.

-Increase imagination and creativity.

-Increased patience and tolerance.