The Choike Mathematical Olympiad arrives at the municipal schools, through Resolution No. 129/22 it was arranged that the Olympiad be carried out in two instances: the first will be in August with the start of the Choike School Contest and the second during the month of October in the Interscholastic Contest.

The first stage will take place within the institutions, with the participation of fourth grade students who will form teams of two or three members together with the teachers. Meanwhile, in the second, students and teachers will participate through representative teams from each school.

The initiative seeks to promote the resolution of mathematical problems so that the participants respond to relevant significant life situations and, thus, collaborative work is encouraged.

The director of Educational Management Luis Franchi said: “This initiative at the municipal level is an opportunity to continue learning as a Mathematics team and, in this way, strengthen key learning for life.”

Meanwhile, Silvia Ceballos, a teacher at the Brigadier San Martín school, stated that the participation of students in the Choike Olympics means “a window to the future” that will allow students to “see beyond the structures and formalities of mathematical logical reasoning” .