The electoral prosecutor Ramiro González will open an investigation regarding the complaints about the sale of candidacies in the space La Libertad Avanza, led by javier milei. In the case they will testify as witnesses Carlos Maslaton (former ally of the economist) and Juan Carlos Blumbergwho was going to participate in the elections and made the complaints public.

According to the ruling, González ordered the opening of a preliminary investigation “given the importance of the transparency of party organizations in their actions during the electoral process” and after the “journalistic publications that preceded related to complaints by people who are members or would have been members of the political group LA LIBERTAD AVANZA against those who are the partisan authorities of said group.”

Faced with this news, Milei published on her social networks: “Excellent. All those who said unfounded atrocities are now going to have to go to Justice to support them. Let’s see if they take over. Long live freedom damn it!”