On Friday the 27th at 12 noon, the “longest pizza in Córdoba” will take place at the Don Luis Pizzeria in the Pizza Museum. It is a solidarity event that will bring together: Walter Lazarte (pizza master), Roal Zuzulich (chef), Pablo Marcone (the creator of the first pizza school) and students from the Celia School who will be in charge of carrying it out.

The initiative is carried out within the framework of the “Seven days of Pizza”, organized by the Cordoba Gastronomic Circuit. All proceeds will be donated to the foundation of Father Mariano Oberlin.

In addition, until Sunday, May 29, you can enjoy the week of Pizza in Córdoba, there will be discounts that will range from 15% to 40% in the participating premises. Also throughout the week from 8 pm there will be free pizza at the Junior B branches in Nueva Córdoba, Carlos Paz and Alta Gracia at a cost of $650 per person.

In Córdoba capital, the pizzerias that participate in this edition are Pepecito, Pan Plano, Don Ramón Capriccio, Pizza Madre, Pizza R, Cientovolando, Renato, Antares, Sorrento López, Alto Gandhi Pizza Napoletana, Forino, Junior B, La Comanda, The Temple , Patagonia, Silvestre, Crabs Marisquería, Bertotti (Dino mall), Pizza Risata, Malbec, 9 3/4 vegan bar (La Terminal), Visionare (La Terminal), Bocatana, Mostachy’s, Pizza Pa’ti, Checa Cervecería, Fortunato, Bäckerhaus, Station 27, Pizzeria Don Luis and Maestros Pizzeros.

Other towns in the province also joined the initiative, some of the places that will participate are Parador El triangle (Camino del Cuadrado), Junior B (Carlos Paz), Junior B (Alta Gracia), El Taller (Villa General Belgrano), Yo que como (without TACC) (Villa Allende), Bodegón Bar (Salsipuedes), Gallo Negro (Ceballos River) and Mamma Bruna (Carlos Paz).