This Tuesday, October 25, marks the 13th anniversary of the disappearance of Yamila Cuello, a young woman who is believed to have been captured by a human trafficking network. Her family and her friends do not lower their arms, and call for a mobilization for this Friday from 6:00 p.m. to claim for the appearance of her alive.

Soledad Neck, her sister, said: “We only look for my sister, for the State she is a poor black woman from the neighborhood less. That is why this next Friday, October 28, we marched from Colón and General Paz at 6:00 p.m.. We are demanding answers. We want to know what happened to Yamila Cuello, where the disappeared from Córdoba are. We want a real search for the victims of trafficking and the dismantling of these networks“.

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On that day in 2009, the woman recalled “We felt abandonment, sadness and impotence; like that October 25, 2009 when the police station did not want to take the complaint until 72 hours because Yamila was of legal age.”

In addition, he said that the investigation is not fruitful: “in this case the gender perspective was missing because we had to find evidence to charge his former partner, Néstor Simone.” He maintained that it is proven that “Yamila suffered violence and sexual exploitation” and that “he is still free and Yamila is missing.”

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