Within the framework of the investigation into the death of at least five babies in the Maternal Neonatal Hospital, it was ordered that eight babies who survived different types of injuries be given expert reports of different kinds and according to the mistreatment they suffered to determine if there are or are not similarities with the cases of deaths.

These are eight infants who, like those who died, were born healthy, but after birth showed different symptoms or bodily injuries. At that time, they suffered various alterations such as cyanosis around the mouth, bradycardia, apnea, hematomas and even cardiorespiratory arrest.

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It should be remembered that three of the babies who died cannot be autopsied because the time that has passed since the tragic outcome makes it impossible to find accurate evidence. But finding similarities in these other 8 children can give clues to the attacks. They will look for the different sequels that may persist or if they have marks on the skin. There are already biopsies on at least one, PM, who had much of her tissue necrotic. Today she still has a very marked scar. She is undergoing physiotherapy treatment and is likely to have surgery.

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