With four prizes of 350,000 pesos and support for publishing as incentives, the third call for the Stimulus Prize for Writing “All time is time” has just been launched, in which authors from 20 to 40 years of age from all over the world can participate. country in the categories of narrative, short narrative, script, dramaturgy and graphic narrative.

The call is open from July 20 to September 20, 2022 inclusive. In December 2022, the mentions and winners in each category will be announced. A jury made up of the writers María Sonia Cristoff, Héctor Guyot, Mercedes Halfon and Daniel Link will be in charge of choosing the recipients of the distinction, which for the third consecutive year is awarded by the Fundación Bunge y Born, Fundación Proa and the newspaper La Nación.

Those interested may participate in five categories: narrative, short narrative, script, dramaturgy and graphic narrative. For narrative, they must present works of fiction or literary non-fiction that are registered in one of their possible registers, such as a novel, chronicle, memory, diary, profile, narrative essay, etc.

Within the brief narrative category, it will be taken into account that they are made up of a series of several short stories. It can be fiction and non-fiction stories: selection of stories, chronicles, essays or profiles.

For script, works will be received in literary script format for fiction feature films, while the dramaturgy category reaches work projects in development of dramatic genre for theatrical pieces.

Finally, in the case of works that aspire to graphic narrative, works that present a visual, graphic or illustrated component will be taken into account: graphic novel, comic strip, illustrated book or album, children’s illustration, comic, manga, graphic humor, fotonovela, fanzine, artist book, among others.

“We know that writing requires time and dedication -said Adriana Rosenberg, director of Fundación Proa-. The Stimulus Prize works as a grant aimed at supporting the writing process towards a final version of the text”.

The authors will have the opportunity to work on the development of their works from the crossing of genres within the framework of the Writing Clinics that will be carried out by the writers Romina Paula and Alan Pauls. The jury will also distinguish up to sixteen projects with a mention.