By Sofía Zappia, for Channel C

Thousands of people visited this Friday the provincial and national museums located in Córdoba during the “Night of the Museums”. The event, which was in charge of the Municipality of Córdoba, with the UNC and the Córdoba Culture Agency of the Province of Córdoba, began at 9:00 p.m. and ended at 2:00 a.m.

More than 50 cultural institutions opened their doors to show their patrimonial heritage. One of them was the Marqués de Sobremonte Museum, located in Rosario de Santa Fe, in the heart of the city. It is the only exponent of family housing from the colonial period that is preserved in the capital city.

This museum was inaugurated in the middle of the 18th century, in 1772, and it is the place that the Marquis of Sobremonte chose to hide during the English invasion. Due to the event, the place was attended by special guests in period costumes, who offered guided tours and an augmented reality experience to those who came.

Another of the spaces visited was the Cabildo Histórico de Córdoba, located in front of Plaza San Martín. The place was one of the busiest of the night since it was illuminated with colored lights, which made hundreds of people come to take photos. In turn, at 10 p.m., attendees were able to witness the Changing of the Guard, where 74 military personnel paraded in period costumes and with historical weapons during the patriotic act.

Finally, Canal C attended the Franco Tamburini Museum, of the Banco de Córdoba. Around 1887, the Board of Directors of this bank decided to build its own headquarters. For such an ambitious project, the Italian architect Francisco Tamburini, intellectual author of the expansion of the Casa Rosada and the initial project of the Teatro Colón, was summoned.

The institution, on this night, offered guests food tastings, as well as attendees were able to enjoy the songs and dances of a swing band. While, on the sides of the room, different contemporary works were exhibited where the public was amazed to see such talent.

It was undoubtedly a magical night. The hot weather motivated the people of Cordoba to leave their homes and walk the streets of Córdoba to soak up the culture and new knowledge. As every year, the Night of the Museums met their expectations and showed that art is more alive than ever.