In the coming weeks it will begin to circulate the new $1,000 bill with the image of General José de San Martín. This news brought a lot of criticism because economic experts consider that what is needed is not to change the design of the bill, but rather, due to the rise in inflation, new values ​​should be implemented: $5,000 and $10,000.”

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The ticket has not yet hit the streets but it has already had awards: it received recognition as the best regional ticket of 2023 within the framework of the High Security Printing Conference (High Security Printing), which was held a few months ago in Chile. The new banknote will maintain the orange colors of the current $1000 why is it easier to be recognized by users this way.

This is the new $1000 bill • Channel C

The banknotes that will be issued in the coming months will have the following denominations and historical figures:

$1000: Jose de San Martin
$500: Manuel Belgrano and Remedios del Valle
$200: Juana Azurduy and Martín Miguel de Güemes
$100: eva duarte