This Saturday you can enjoy the second day of the new edition of the Festival of Humor and Choripán. The event will start from 12 noon until 00 at night, the meeting point will be on Nores Martínez Avenue, at the junction of Sarmiento Park and the University City.

There will be choripán stalls where you can taste different flavors: classic, gourmet and world. In addition, in this 2022 edition, the proposed craft beer is added, one of the favorite pairings of the people of Cordoba to accompany a classic such as choripán.

At the festival there will be two stages with music and live shows. On the main stage will be: Santiago Gianola in voice over with Mavy Lacovara and DJ Yinyer, Municipal String Orchestra with Valdes; Princess; The Disappointed; Lore Jimenez; The Can Cans; Cony La Tuquera; La Bicho show and closes the day with Sabor Canela.

In the second space “Entre panes” you can enjoy: Rincón del meme and Memé Point, speech by Diana Fonss with DJ Diego Quiroga, Talks Entre Panes with Hecatombe; Arte al Paso: Las mochas del passage/circus enclave; talks with No es de Vegana and Rodrigo Artal; closing the day with Juan de Battisti.