This Saturday, January 7, a new edition of the traditional “Festireyes” will be held, organized by the Municipality of Bell Ville and the support of the Volunteer Firefighters. The journalist Federico Haldemann gave more details in The Morning of C about this event.

As is traditionally done, the Magi aboard Fire Units will be in the different squares of the city and in the “Dr. José Antonio Ceballos” distributing sweets to the children of Bell Ville. Christian Gallo, head of the active volunteer fire brigade, thanked the neighbors and highlighted the work of the barracks in the social sphere.

At the end of the tour, in Plaza 25 de Mayo from 9:30 p.m. local artists will perform on stage in various musical expressions. Entrance is free and open.

It should be remembered that until Friday, January 6, donations of sweets will be received at the same Fire Station on Columbus Boulevard.