The Jewish community celebrated this Sunday the beginning of Rosh Hashanah: the new year that marks the beginning of 5783 of that creed around the world. The creation of the world and of the human being is also celebrated, and for this, families traditionally gather to eat the most typical dishes of their culture.

‘Shaná Tová Umetuka’ is the classic greeting phrase, which means “Good and sweet year”. Rosh Hashanah this year began on Sunday, September 25, and runs through Tuesday, September 27. In this way, the two days translate into non-working days for people in the community.

In the words of Nelson Wejkin, a chef specializing in ethnic food, “Among the traditional dishes is the Jalá Agula (round bread), which symbolizes the cycle that represents the beginning of a new year, and in turn, the cyclical concept of time. and life”. Also “the fish, which is prepared as Guefilte Fish. It is presented as a symbol and a reminder so that we are in the lead and not in the tail, and that we can make the most of the potential that a new year brings us.”

President Alberto Fernández gave his greeting yesterday: “With the appearance of the first star, this September 25, the Jewish people begin the Rosh Hashanah celebration. My best wishes to the entire Argentine Jewish community in this new year, 5783. Shaná Tová Umetuká!