This Tuesday, the provincial Electoral Justice will carry out the Exhibition Hearing of the Single Ballots of Suffrage (BUS) model with which the people of Cordoba will be able to vote in the provincial elections on June 25.

That day the people of Cordoba will elect the next Governor and Vice Governor of the province until the year 2027 and will mark the end of the administration of the current Governor Juan Schiaretti. At the same time, three members of the provincial Court of Accounts and 70 legislators will be elected to serve in the Unicameral Legislature.

The presentation of the ballot will take place at 3:00 p.m. at the headquarters of Tribunales II and it is expected that members of the different parties will be able to observe it and make contributions on small modifications that they consider necessary to guarantee an honest proceeding in the elections.

Parties running for election:

  • We make United for Córdoba
  • Left Front and Workers Unity
  • New Movement To Socialism
  • Córdoba Neighborhood Meeting
  • Liberal Democratic Development Front