After Rodrigo de Loredo confirm that he will be a candidate for mayor of Córdoba for the second time in the election of the next July 23th, Twitter was the main resource of the politicians of Together for Change to express their opinions, and also that of those close to the Schiaretti government.

“Congratulations to Rodrigo de Loredo for formalizing his candidacy for Mayor of Córdoba. As I said from the beginning, he was the natural candidate after the 2021 victory. I know his intelligence and ability ”wrote first Sebastian Garcia Diaz, leader of the PRO and close to Patricia Bullrich.

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For his part, the legislature Orlando Arduh, head of the block of Together for Change, posted: “I celebrate and accompany with commitment your decision Rodrigo de Loredo to continue working for the people of Cordoba and to make our city #LaNumero1.” And he added: “To continue with the same passion and energy as always!”

On the other hand, the radical legislator Dante Rossi Indian: “Build from the collective always thinking of a better Córdoba. Together for Change is a government alternative to change the destiny of the city with the excellent vision of Rodrigo de Loredo and Luis Juez in the province we are going to make that profound transformation that we need”.

The opposition also used the social network to post ironic messages. Within this framework, the legislator Nadia Fernandezwrote: “And the ‘FORMULA THAT WORKS’? There is no fernet or Coca-Cola, it seems… Is the city a consolation prize? Keep speculating, that we keep changing Córdoba every day”.