The Government of Córdoba, through the General Secretariat of the Interior, informed that this Wednesday the 31st begins the payment of salaries corresponding to May for the agents of the Provincial Public Administration.

Retirees and provincial pensioners also receive their salaries today. The National Social Security Administration (Anses) confirmed the June 2023 payment schedule for retirements, pensions and allowances, whose assets will have an increase of 20.92%. In addition, retirees and pensioners with the minimum will collect the first installment of the monthly reinforcement (or bonus) whose amount will be $ 15,000. The payment will be repeated with $17,000 in July and $20,000 in August. They will also collect the half Christmas bonus corresponding to June. The liquidation of the assets will begin on Thursday, June 1 with the payment of the Non-Contributory Pensions (PNC).

Wednesday May 31

  • Cordoba Province Police
  • Anti-drug Police Force
  • Penitentiary Service

Thursday June 1

  • Ministry of Health
  • APROSS: Provincial Administration of the Health Insurance
  • Ministry of Education: Central Area, Initial Level and Primary Level
  • Ministry of Education: Secondary Level and Other Levels
  • Teaching Staff Provincial University of Córdoba

Friday June 2

  • Ministry of Education: DIPE
  • General Ranking Section Execution
  • Hired Service/Level
  • Contracted Court of Accounts
  • Health Escalafón (not belonging to the Ministry of Health)
  • Teaching Rank (not belonging to the Ministry of Education)
  • Judiciary Staff
  • Legislative Branch Staff
  • Ombudsman Staff
  • Staff Ombudsman for the Rights of Children and Adolescents
  • Retirement Fund
  • General Ranking Upper Section
  • Road Ranking
  • Musicians Ranking
  • Ranking of Artistic Bodies
  • Ranking Charts
  • Scientific and Technological Ranking
  • Banking ladder
  • Aeronautical Ranking
  • Tax Intelligence

Monday June 5

  • Higher Authorities and Cabinet Staff of the Executive Power
  • Authorities Legislative Branch
  • Ombudsman Authorities
  • Authorities Defense of the Rights of Girls, Boys and Adolescents
  • Authorities Court of Accounts
  • Magistrates and Judicial Officials
  • Provincial University Authorities

Payment to retirees and pensioners

Wednesday May 31