This Wednesday, May 4 at 8:00 p.m., the cycle of interviews continues on Channel C’s Instagram Live platform.

On this occasion, Mimí Spicher will speak with Martín Rostagno, a 26-year-old who was born in San Francisco (Córdoba), is an Agronomist graduated from the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences of the Universidad Nacional del Litoral and went to New Zealand in August of 2019 with the idea of ​​specializing in dairy.

In February 2020, Martin got an opportunity in the New Zealand dairy basin, on a 1,300-cow dairy. Then, in October of that year, he was offered the position of deputy manager of a 900-cow dairy in the North Island.

Thus, Rostagno will tell about his experiences since he left to train in the dairy business in one of the main milk-producing countries and his hopes for what is to come.

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