A total of 165 taxes and fees are collected this year at the national, provincial and municipal levels, although most of the collection is concentrated in a few instruments.

This was revealed in a report by the Argentine Institute of Fiscal Analysis (IARAF). Considering the 2021 collection of VAT, Contributions and Contributions to Social Security, Income from individuals, Income from companies, Export duties, Debits and bank credits (cheque) and the provincial tax on Gross Income, 82% is obtained of the consolidated tax collection of Argentina, according to the IARAF.

In addition, if the tax on Fuels, Import Duties, Personal Assets and the Municipal Security and Hygiene Tax (TISH) are added to those eight taxes, 91% of the consolidated Argentine collection is concentrated in 12 tributes, ten of which are national and the remaining two at the provincial and municipal levels.

In this case, what enters the public coffers for these concepts is distributed automatically between the Nation (Treasury and ANSeS) and the provinces and the City of Buenos Aires (CABA). In contrast, another 153 different taxes collect the remaining 9% at a consolidated level.

In this framework, the IARAF clarified that “regardless of the amount of different taxes identified in the different regulations, the effective collection in our country is concentrated in relatively few high-collection instruments.”