The province of Córdoba receives thousands of tourists from this Friday during the long weekend of Carnivalwhich runs from this Saturday until next Tuesday inclusive.

The 4-day weekend brings with it a boom in tourism and the country’s highlights await visitors. The proposals will be of the most varied to attract people willing to go out and have fun.

From the hotel and gastronomic sector they define the extra long weekend as the closing of summer 2023. The level of reserves is excellent and reached 100%, since the Carnival in Córdoba it is still one of the first options chosen by Argentines to come to the provincial tourist centers.

During this Friday, and despite the surprising cold in the middle of summer, thousands of tourists arrived through the different entrance routes to the Cordovan Capital and to different mountain tourist cities.

On the routes there was also a good influx of young people who will take over Santa Maria de Punilla where is the property located Cosquin Rock 2023. The two bus terminals were seen with a good influx of tourists this Friday.

According to the survey of the Cordoba Tourism Agency, the main tourist valleys register very good percentages of reservations as well as different localities are referring tourists to nearby places.

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