The e-commerce event of the Government of Córdoba is carried out through the website. 600 Cordovan brands participate in this edition and there are bank, credit card and shipping service promotions.

This Monday began the OfertÓN e-commerce event, organized by the Government of Córdoba with the aim of promoting consumption in Córdoba businesses digitally. Through the website, of the July 25 to 27people will be able to access different types of products from shops in our province.

In this new edition of Offer there are 13 product categories including Electro and Technology, Furniture, Home and Deco, Apparel and Footwear, Sports and Fitness, Travel and Tourism, Automotive, Babies and Kids, Pets, Cosmetics, Beauty and Accessories, Tools and Construction Supplies, Food and Beverages, Entertainment and Several.

In addition, the program has banking and credit card promotions: Banco Santander, Bancor, Cordobesa, NaranjaX, GoCuotas and Mobbex. Added to the above is a more competitive proposal for the shipment of products throughout the country through the logistics companies Andreani, OCA, Correo Argentino and E-Pick.

OfertÓN is a digital platform from Córdoba that is really setting a trend at the national level. There are 600 Cordovan brands that offer 15,000 products, of which more than 1,000 are unprecedented offers”, highlighted the Minister of Industry, Commerce and Mining, Eduardo Accastello.

OFERTÓN 2022 began: three days of electronic purchases • Channel C