The Quebrada del Condorito National Park, located to the west of the province of Córdoba, in the center of the Sierras Grandes, has an area of ​​37,344 hectares and belongs to the Chaco Seco ecoregion, a mountain district. The Park has a unique biodiversity in the country and one of its greatest attractions is the Andean condor, a bird that strikes the eye since with its open wings it can reach a wingspan of up to three meters.

Within the Quebrada del Condorito you can visit different sites and perform a wide range of activities, we tell you four things you can do


It is one of the most popular options for visitors, its most popular path is the one that goes from the Visitor Center to the North Balcony, a panoramic point to observe condors. In total there are 12 kilometers, of medium difficulty.

Another of the paths that can be followed are: on the one hand, the descent to the Río de los Condoritos, which lasts about six hours round trip, and on the other hand, the path to the Balcón Sur, its route takes about eight hours round trip, and it has a high difficulty so it must be done with an enabled guide.

recreational fishing

The fishing season runs from October to May and can be done as long as you have a permit that can be managed online. Another of the most chosen options is cycling on vehicular roads 2 and 7.


Finally, you can only camp in the glen Y Pampas Strawberry, processing the corresponding entry and camping records. For camping it is mandatory to carry an approved heater. The Park offers free, free and wild camping. Camper entry hours: until 4:00 p.m.

Entry hours

Opening and closing of the gate on Provincial Route No. 34 (km 59.5):

Every day (including national holidays).

Entry: from 9 to 12 hours.

Closing: 18 hours.

You can enter every day of the week with guide.