“Guachín”, “el Humilde” and “QAP” are three fugitives from the Cordoba Justice. They are currently being intensively searched by the police.

According to the data provided by the Investigation District 1 Turn 4 Prosecutor’s Office, the men were identified and described as José Omar “Guachín” Villa (23), dark brown eyes, robust build, 1.85 tall; Marcos Adrián “Humilde” Maldonado (32), robust and light-skinned; and Carlos Alejandro “QAP” Gómez (27), with a drop tattoo under his right eye, a cross tattoo on his right cheekbone, and a tattoo on his neck.

The three have been fugitives from Justice since June 10 and are part of the suspects in the so-called Pandora operation.

This police operation began last Friday, when the Córdoba Police raided a tire shop, located on Av. Don Bosco at 4,000 Las Palmas neighborhood, where a gang was operating that stole tires from high-end cars. Between 3,000 and 4,000 tires, 500 rims and other items whose value amounts to 120 million pesos were seized at the premises.

In addition, the gang had a lab of alarm inhibitors that they used to commit the robberies. According to the first data, the inhibitors are of Russian origin that allow the alarms of any type of vehicle to be deactivated within a radius of four hundred meters.

What do I do if I have information to provide?

-Contact the Judicial Unit for Automotive Theft: (0351) 433-2657 or 4287356 (guard).

-Judicial Unit, in 1250 Colon Avenue 1st floor, Alberdi neighborhood

-District Prosecutor’s Office 1st Shift 4 from 8 to 18, at (0351) 448-1000 extension 15662 to 15665.