The Superior Court of Justice (TSJ) suspended three agents of the Municipality of Córdoba for having prevented the entry of an ambulance to the Hogar Padre La Mónaca hospital and denying care to a patient. From the TSJ they assured that there was enough evidence to suspend the municipal employees.

The agents were accused of discriminating against a man because of his indigent status and for having used violence against a psychologist who was accompanying the victim.

The members Domingo Sesin, Aída Tarditti and Luis Rubio assured that the conduct of the municipal officers was absolutely reprehensible “for having been directed against a person in a situation of serious social vulnerability due to homelessness and affected health. In addition, this picture is aggravated by having been motivated by discriminatory reasons”. In addition, in relation to the act of violence against the psychologist, the members assured that it is a clear case of institutional violence.