Three police officers from the province of San Luis were sentenced for having tortured and gang-raped a young woman from Río Cuarto. The episode took place in April 2019, when the girl traveled to the town of Villa La Quebrada.

The victim was arrested and was imprisoned for 40 days, after being accused of paying with counterfeit bills, where she was finally acquitted. The young woman reported that she that afternoon when she was transferred to the police station, the policemen took off her clothes and, while one beat her and threatened her, another sexually abused her.

Three years after that aberrant event, the officers were sentenced. Sergeant Juan Funes was charged as the perpetrator of the rape and sentenced to 12 years in prison. While the first corporals Daniel Chacón and Cristian Quiroga received eight years in prison for the crime of seriously outrageous and doubly aggravated sexual abuse.

It should be clarified that the woman suffered serious consequences for the rape. Her uterus sustained multiple injuries, for which she received a 95 percent disability certificate. Also after a while, she was diagnosed with breast cancer.