On September 7, Ulises Bueno underwent a throat operation. The surgical intervention was carried out in Uruguay and the result was successful, as confirmed by the artist’s official account. Later, the singer made a post on his Instagram account that said: “When you stop for a second and you say… uff how I miss you!!! You want to return to 1000%”, Bueno expressed in a clear message of his desire to return to the stage

The condition that the artist was going through had forced him to move away from music, being Saturday, August 20, the day he made his last presentation at the Sergeant Cabral. Currently, Ulises Bueno is working with a speech therapist who helps him with some exercises to resume his musical career.

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Finally, there is a date and place for the return of Ulises Bueno, the singer announced his return with a great dance at Forja. It will be on Saturday, October 22 from midnight and tickets are already on sale at a promotional price: the first three thousand tickets for $700 and can be purchased at edenentradas.com.ar or at Record Stores Edén located at Obispo Trejo 15 (corner of Deán Funes)