Many times, despite all the care that a person can dedicate to their hair, it usually happens that after drying and combing it, it is left with frizz or like those “standing hairs” that bother so much and do not allow you to achieve a polished look.

In recent days, the user of the user of TikTok maggieanne.n shared an ideal trick to eliminate frizz after drying your hair: you have to apply a little spray or fixer on a brush and pass it through the hair to fix it in the. That easy! The truth is that this is a very simple and basic tip, but it can go unnoticed and, watching this video, it seems to work.

You have to apply a very small amount of spray on the brush, which does not stain or greasy the hair, but it does hold enough to keep those little hairs and frizzy strands at bay that may have been left behind after blow-drying.

In any case, we must remember that frizz often occurs due to a lack of hydration, so if you need to resort to this trick, it is likely that your hair is dry or damaged and lacks a good dose of nutrition, which is why it is It is recommended to do cream baths once every two weeks to have silky and shiny hair.

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