There has been a lot of talk about Tini Stoessel and Rodrigo De Paul in recent days. Although it seemed that their separation was a fact, since the singer was in Europe and they had not seen each other, they finally met again in Madrid. And in the last hours, several images have gone viral on social networks in which they are seen walking through the Spanish capital, where they did not go unnoticed and several people approached them to ask for a photo.

Unlike other occasions, in which the footballer came out to deny the rumors about their relationship, this time both were called to silence. The truth is that beyond the fact that they were shown together, the versions about the reasons that distanced them did not seem far-fetched. Especially since for De Paul the exposure he gained in recent months was negative at a sporting level.

“This is bringing De Paul more problems than expected. From what the sports commentators tell me, in recent games he was not taken into account at Atlético Madrid, and the leaders of that club would be angry. But what What worries the most is that the Qatar World Cup is coming, “revealed Guido Záffora in It’s out there. However, the journalist maintained that the announcement would not be imminent, but that the Argentine National Team player would wait until his participation in the World Cup ends to make his decision public and thus avoid the media siege.