By Medina Natalia, for Channel C

Many children, teenagers and some accompanying parents lived a second night full of rhythm, dance and effusive shouts together with Tini. A show without a doubt that promised to have all the seasonings. And she fulfilled it.

At the last minute, new seats were available for sale, this allowed many Cordovans who had been excited to witness this show, and had not been tickets, could say present.

In the corridors surrounding the stadium, you could see different stands, where teenagers could take selfies with backgrounds decorated with garlands, glitter, and LED lights. The teens chose pink outfits, and some were even dressed in the same show outfit as the singer.

Tini entered the stage, and everything that happened behind the scenes was broadcast on the giant screens as she walked up the stairs. After a countdown on the screen -which the public shouted- she entered the stage, playing the drums herself, giving rise to “I love you more”, one of her many successes -in this case- of her with the Venezuelan singer Nacho.

The artist was very excited, and grateful to the public. She read the posters that invaded the field and the Kempes grandstand and even went up to a fan of hers to hug her. Although the public sang all the songs, the most applauded were “Carne y bone”, “Fantasí”, “Bar”, “La triple T” and “La Loto” and “Mienteme”, thus reaching the climax of the night, with fireworks included.

A high-impact show, where Tini once again demonstrated her talent and charisma. Not even the threat of rain calmed the mood and euphoria of those present. She finally said goodbye, between bright pieces of paper suspended in the air, and fireworks, leaving everyone wanting more. Thank you Tini, Córdoba is waiting for you soon!