The singer Tini Stoessel announced through her Instagram account that her father, Alejandro Stoessel, was finally discharged and is now at home.

Tini Stoessel announced that her father was discharged • Channel C

The producer spent almost a month hospitalized in La Trinidad de Palermo, after being transferred by his family after suffering severe stomach pain. Due to the seriousness of his condition, he had to undergo surgery three times. As the days passed he began to show good signs, and stopped receiving mechanical ventilation and began to feed orally.

From the Sanatorium they published a medical report announcing the discharge of the producer: “the Trinidad de Palermo Sanatorium communicates that on this date Mr. Alejandro Stoessel was discharged and must continue with rehabilitation and outpatient follow-up. The family would like to thank the solidarity of the people and the concern of the media”.

Later, Alejandro Stoessel wrote a post on his Twitter account thanking the health personnel who accompanied him during his hospitalization, “I have just been given a second chance! Eternally grateful. To my family, without you I would not have made it. Thank you.”